Do you want to have a closer relationship with your child?

Do you want to leave a strong legacy for your children and grandchildren?

Do you know a dad who needs encouragement & advice?

Here’s How Tulsa Is Investing In Fathers

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Tulsa is dedicated to reducing the negative consequences of fatherlessness by strengthening fathers and ensuring the best outcomes for all children.

Consider these benefits children receive through positive father involvement:


Children with involved fathers have less emotional and behavioral difficulties in adolescence


Children who have fathers that are more aware of their child’s environment are less susceptible to peer pressure


Girls who have a strong relationship with their fathers during adolescence showed a lack of psychological distress in adult life


Teenagers who feel close to their fathers in adolescence go on to have more satisfactory adult marital relationships


Children with involved fathers are less likely to live in poverty


Children who have fathers that are engaged in their education are less likely to drop out of school or be involved in criminal activity

Join Tulsa‘s Fatherhood Movement